Hi, I'm Vansh

I try to conceptualize/come up with solutions using my technical skills. I am an avid reader and enjoy all genres of music. I like to participate in discussions involving tech and entrepreneurship.

While pursuing my Bachelor of Computer Science degree as a full-time student and part time Software Developer at Dalhousie University, I'm also a part of MYTech Labs, the research lab under supervision of Dr. Srini Sampalli. Parallely, I'm the Undergraduate Student Ambassador for Shiftkey Labs, the tech entrepreneurship sandbox of Nova Scotia.

It all started with me becoming the Winner of Google Code In at the age of 17 and flying to San Francisco for the award ceremony, fully sponsored by Google. You can read about my contributions on my blog. Connecting with amazing coders and making new friends with people across the globe was the reason I decided to move to Canada for studying Computer Science.

My entrepreneurial endeavor started with Webcube, where I worked with startups and businesses to build business solutions for their idea using software. I started running a software firm just after high school by spearheading 6 production level software and managing over 25 developors across the country.

I built a non profit platform, Covid Leads Delhi alongwith two co-founders that helped Covid 19 patients to get the essential resources during the whole ruckus in New Delhi. We had a reach of 20k+ in 2 months and helped many people.


You can find some of my projects here, view the code I write on Github or head over to LinkedIn to go through my experiences.

Let's work together

I’d love to talk with you about your next creative endeavor. Send me a note, let’s start a new project together.